Walmart's thought assets...

Well once again my military career has given me a chance to add a story to my life...
I will give them a name I dub them Thought Assets, or Knowledge Workers...
once again Walmart has proven that anyone can work there.

The other day i went to walmart to pick up four cans of cambels tomato soup, I got to the register and the lady was staring at the ceiling I set the cans down and she started and said "Hi!, How are you today?" I was courteous even though I didn't want to talk I just wanted to go because i looked like crud and replied, she then proceeded to ask if i was in the navy and i didn't think anything about it seeing how i have a military high and tight and i was wearing my USMC shorts. i calmly said no i was in the corps.

As i walked to the van i looked down and realized why she had asked specifically if i was in the Navy because on my shirt was an Old Navy logo and for those who don't know that is a type of clothing. Once again i call them the "Thought Assets, or Knowledge Workers" of walmart.


Military Life...

hmm well my thoughts on military life is well its hard work being stressed all of the time lol.
tell you the truth though i love the military especially the marine corps which i am a proud member of.

as i was growing up there are three guys who come to mind as the military influence.
one my grandpa frank, he was in the navy in WWII and was a master welder on the uss kangaroo. his ship was one of the first to be attacked as after pearl harbor literally one hour after. he saw one of his friends shot at the guns jumped on and fought hard he dropped two enemy planes and severly damageing another. i was the only one to know any real info on my grandpas career in the navy.

second my cousin capt bret robinson us army. he helped me alot by being an example of what a fighting man was he gave me some disipline when i needed it lol. also he has been to iraq and thats all i really know. but the most important thing is i now have to salute him when i am in uniform.

third is patrick.i know that he has been to desert storm and that he has is or will be going to iraq he is also in the army.

one last thing before i publish this is i salute the american soldier,marine,sailor,and fly boy.




well i have many thoughts like:
1. I wonder if god will destroy earth or just blow up the bad guys either way it will be fun to see.
2. Why do some people proclaim to be patriots and then try to destroy the very thing that the patriots try to protect?

And on that note i leave you with a quote: Freedom has a special flavor that the protected will never know.


Hmm... politics well many people ask my views about politics. well i tend to stay away from politics other than to vote i don't really like to get into debates on religion and politics. but here are my views if you don't like them well sucks to be you.

Barak O'bama is stupid i don't like him he is severly clueless and well i don't want him taking the marine corps or our guns away. He can have my gun when he can take it phisically from my hands which is when i die. and all i have to say about hilary is well she just needs to go to a war zone and where an american flag and run through the nearest insugent filled village.

I like John Mccain i would have rathered Mitt Rohmney but ill vote for John. i absolutely love Sarah Palin one she is from alaska so obviously she can give those insurgents the cold shoulder. lol. also i like what she stands for too. NIETHER OF THEM WILL TAKE THE PROTECTION FROM THIS CONTRY AND THEY DON'T KEEP YELLING "ITS TIME FOR CHANGE"!!

there you go if you don't like em well take a number from that grenade thing on the complaint desk.


Hi welcome to my blog. my name is Jedidiah D. Williams. I live in AZ, I am a US Marine, am attending law school and i'm working on becoming a police officer.

I have a wonderful girl friend her name is Britney Knighton, she is apart of the US Army:< lol and she lives in Idaho.

I was born and raised in Indiana. I have been to Europe, and I hope to be married in the Mesa AZ temple. It all depends on where Brit is wanting of course. lol.

Once again welcome to my blog