Hmm... politics well many people ask my views about politics. well i tend to stay away from politics other than to vote i don't really like to get into debates on religion and politics. but here are my views if you don't like them well sucks to be you.

Barak O'bama is stupid i don't like him he is severly clueless and well i don't want him taking the marine corps or our guns away. He can have my gun when he can take it phisically from my hands which is when i die. and all i have to say about hilary is well she just needs to go to a war zone and where an american flag and run through the nearest insugent filled village.

I like John Mccain i would have rathered Mitt Rohmney but ill vote for John. i absolutely love Sarah Palin one she is from alaska so obviously she can give those insurgents the cold shoulder. lol. also i like what she stands for too. NIETHER OF THEM WILL TAKE THE PROTECTION FROM THIS CONTRY AND THEY DON'T KEEP YELLING "ITS TIME FOR CHANGE"!!

there you go if you don't like em well take a number from that grenade thing on the complaint desk.


leschornmom said...
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leschornmom said...

Hmmm... I certainly wouldn't claim that O'bama is "stupid". In fact I would say the opposite. He is very intelligent.
There in lies the problem.
He is counting on what I term the "stupid vote". He is counting on a large number of misinformed Americans that are not educated enough, or are to lazy, to look up his voting record.
Forget the fact that he has written two books (I'm sorry... Memoirs) about him-self and not a single law! Forget the fact that, though he claims to "love America" he associates himself with domestic terrorists! For get his "pro-choice" (baby killing)beliefs! Forget forced socialized Health Care and higher taxes for people who have worked their whole life to capitalize on Amerca's dream! Forget ALL that stuff!... What about the fact that it has been proven that he lied 33% of the time durring the campain debates?
Of course, I can't believe that the lemmings that follow him around shouting, "change, change, change!", and who don't care about the more extreme moral issues would give much thought to HONESTY!

PS a little thought... instead of making random claims of stupidity...check your facts...know WHY your NOT voting for him...know WHY you ARE voting for McCain...That way, when one of the lemmings wants to know why your not voting for suave, cool Obama... you can educate them!